Authentic Buffalo & Wildlife Mounts from Cody, WY

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FOR SALE $7500 w/ Shipping – 3XL Buffalo Mount (1 Available)

FOR SALE $7500 w/ Shipping - 3XL Buffalo Mount (1 Available)

With over 40 years of experience creating authentic wildlife mounts for outdoor enthusiasts, Buffalo Creations Taxidermy has earned a reputation for genuine professionalism, excellent customer service and superior quality of work. Based in Cody, WY where hunting is a favored pastime and genuine way of life for many, we take pride in giving hunters the opportunity to put their greatest trophies on display with our taxidermy services. When creating head and shoulder mounts for our customers, the standards we set for ourselves are sky high. Regardless of whether we’ve been commissioned for an authentic bison mount or are providing taxidermy services for another type of wildlife animal, we do it right and  to the best of our ability.

From the moment your order is placed , we get right to work. Not only do we want the quality to surpass all expectations, but we aim to have your prized wildlife mount returned to you as quickly as possible so you can begin showing it off. Every buffalo mount, bison mount and taxidermy project we produce is as life-like and anatomically correct as possible, proving that experience makes all the difference when choosing the right taxidermist

For more information on Buffalo Creations Taxidermy and the authentic buffalo and wildlife mounts we create, fill out our contact form or call Brad at (307) 578-7806 today. Though we are located in Cody, WY, we’re capable of shipping mounts nationwide, and are even willing to meet our customers halfway (or within reason) to save on their shipping costs. We look forward to working with you!

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