Real Buffalo Skulls for Sale

**$200 Minimum**

Adding buffalo skulls to your home office, den, or hunting cabin is a great way to give a space more of a rustic and outdoorsy feel, and Buffalo Creations Taxidermy can help you make it possible. We specialize in selling only real, authentic buffalo skulls from buffalos that are used for their meat. The skulls are then boiled, cooked, and cleaned with a 50% peroxide solution.

The buffalo skulls that we treat and sell at Buffalo Creations Taxidermy can vary in size and have slightly different markings that make them unique. The great thing about them is that they are very versatile in the way they can add a western feel to any room’s décor. Our authentic buffalo mounts for sale are easy to mount on the wall or they can make a statement laying flat on your desk or mantelpiece.

Check out some of the buffalo skulls that we’ve produced for previous customers below. As you can see, real buffalo skulls are usually on the larger side, so keep that in mind when determining where you want to display yours. They’re perfect for any outdoor enthusiast! Contact Dean at Buffalo Creations Taxidermy at 307-899-7700 today to inquire about the pricing for our buffalo skulls or to learn more about how our real buffalo skulls are treated before sale.

Medium 2 Year Old Bull Skulls = $400 includes shipping

Large 4 Year Old Herd Bull Skulls = $350.00 + shipping

X-Large 10 Year Old Herd Bulls = $400-$1,000 + shipping

*email to see more pictures